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April 23, 2015

Department of Public Health - new process for the addition of licensed mobile or portable health care units


The Department of Public Health ("DPH") recently established a new process by which existing hospitals or clinics may expand the provision of services by adding a Mobile or Portable Unit. This new DPH process is designed to expedite the ability of an existing hospital or clinic to provide such services at sites that are not on the existing licensed premises of the hospital or clinic. A "mobile unit" is a vehicle that is equipped to provide ambulatory services and will be driven to various locations. A "portable unit" is a vehicle that only transports "equipment, supplies and/or personnel to a location where the existing hospital or clinic will then provide licensed services.

You can review the application here.

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Andrew Levine

Andrew Levine is a partner and head of the firm's regulatory practice. He provides regulatory guidance, business and corporate legal services, as well as strategic advice to healthcare clients. You can find him on Google+ and LinkedIn.


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