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November 11, 2015

Getting Down To The Details: Contract Basics for Non-Lawyers


Donoghue Barrett & Singal attorney Callan Stein has prepared a presentation for non-lawyers reviewing the basics of contract law. The presentation addresses the following topics:

  • The general structure of contracts, including how that changes among several common types of contracts
  • When contracts are needed and when they are not, and the advantages and disadvantages of having a contract
  • Things you should look for in a contract, again, including how that changes among several types of common contract
  • Things that should set off alarm bells for you any time you see them in a contract you are considering entering into
  • Things that may invalidate a contract

Click here for a printable version of the presentation.

About the Author

Callan Stein

Callan Steina partner in the litigation department of Donoghue Barrett & Singal. He regularly represents small and large businesses in civil lawsuits, including discrimination and wrongful termination cases, and he also advises them on internal policies and procedures. You can follow him on Twitter at @CallanSteinEsq


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