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May 15, 2015

Long Term Care Facility Regulatory Update


On May 13, the Department of Public Health (“DPH”) presented to the Public Health Council (“PHC”) a report on its long term care (“LTC”) facility change of ownership and closure processes. In summary, the information presented focused on two important areas: (1) changes in ownership, and (2) closure of LTC facilities. DPH stressed that when a change in ownership or closure of a LTC facility occurs, DPH’s primary focus is to ensure that “any closure or change in ownership does not impact the quality of or safety of care, and that residents involved in a closure are transferred in a safe and orderly manner.” In addition, pursuant to legislation passed in 2014, DPH is required to amend its licensure procedures and hold hearings with respect to proposed changes in ownership or closures of LTC facilities. DPH indicated that proposed regulations are forthcoming.

A copy of DPH’s presentation can be found here.

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