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November 22, 2013

Nursing Home Providers: Changes to the Nurse Aide Registry Verification Process and the Nursing Home Statement of Deficiency/Plan of Correction Process


The state of Massachusetts will begin requiring nursing homes to submit Nurse Aide Registry verifications and statements of deficiency through the Department of Public Health’s new web-based tools.

On-Line Nurse Aide Registry - Main Points:
• The on-line Nurse Aide Registry will make information on the certification of aides available to facilities, aides and the public on the same website that is currently used to check the status of licensed nurses and nursing homes.
• Each nursing home will also have its own account for verification associated with employment.
• Nurse aides will receive a new certification number for the Nurse Aide Registry database when they renew their certifications.
• DPH will send each current user of the automated phone system a letter containing a unique username and password for the new system.

Electronic Plans of Correction (ePOC) - Main Points:
• Some time after 1 January, CMS will require all states to provide nursing homes with an electronic statement of deficiency for each nursing home survey and complaint.
• In order to obtain its statement of deficiency (SOD), a representative of the facility must have access to the ePOC program. Access to this system is obtained through CMS.
• Once ePOC is in use, DPH will no longer be mailing SOD’s to nursing homes.
• Nursing homes will be required to submit their POC to DPH using ePOC.

Nursing homes will need to obtain access to the applications for the two new programs in the next few weeks.

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